Weird Stuff I Get in my Hat!

Hi folks!

Since busking season is upon us, I’ve decided to start a new little segment called “Weird Stuff I Get in My Hat”; dedicated to–you guessed it–the wacky things (other than money) that people throw into my hat! I haven’t been out busking much this summer, ’tis true; been on the road quite a bit, but with a summer tour chock-full of busker festivals, no doubt I will get some interesting things to report about, and at the very least, we’ll all get a chuckle or a moment of reflection, or a nice warm glow from seeing these random assortment of things!

You're Invited!

First up, among the obvious food products (I often get things like granola bars or packages of cookies, bottles of water, coffee, etc..) like this handsome package of Spitz sunflower seeds, I got a package of bright, sunny invitations! To what? I don’t know! But, I’m sure whenever I’m having my next party, I’ll be using ’em! Thanks so much to the lady who put them in my hat!

You’re also seeing coins, and thinking, “yes.. you get money. Isn’t that the point to busking?” Ah, but this is no ordinary half-penny or Euro: apparenty, these coins are 100 Leke (each) from the Repubblika E  Shqiperise…or, Albania! Neato! I get my fair share of interesting coin from all over the world and I’m pretty up on my numismatics, but this is definitely the first time I’ve been stumped before!

That’s all for yesterday. Keep on reading, and who knows? Maybe your unorthodox offerings will be featured one day here on “Weird Stuff in my Hat”!

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