Photo of the Weekend: July 20th

Now and throughout the summer, I’ll be holding a weekly little contest called “Picture of the Weekend”, which will highlight the best photo one of YOU sends me from a performance of mine that you’ve spotted during the weekend. Toronto is so chock-full of great photographers, I’d love to show off some of your stuff and if you win, you get your photo published here with a link to your website. Sounds nifty, right?

So, here’s our first winner, one I want to call “Happy G20!”. I like it because within the public eye, the stereotypical relationship between street performers and police officers is generally considered to be a contentious one at best, but, this photo acts as proof that yes, we can get along!

bike cops, happy G20

Photo by Eric Maxmonko, all rights reserved 2010.

Thanks go out to Eric for taking this awesome shot, and to the folks patrolling the Harbourfront yesterday for their enthusiasm and generous donation!

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