Kingston Buskers Rendezvous

Hey everyone!

As some of you read on my twitter feed last night, while getting back to Toronto from Kingston, Brant and I got into a horrible car accident. It was pretty scary, and sadly, his car is totaled, but, hey, we walked away with minimal injury (sadly, the only thing that got destroyed was an AmpCan–not mine!!), and I got a ride home from a wonderfully amazing lady named Carrie. She had recognized Brant from shows and only when she saw my pedestal she recognized me, as well. Kids, I may play an angel on the street, but this lady is a TRUE angel. If you’re reading this, Carrie, thanks so much for that ride home last night!

Overall, I had a great time in Kingston! The Buskers Rendezvous is so incredibly professional and well-organized. It had been a rough weekend; a heatwave on Thursday, being rained out on Friday, and the World Cup finals keeping people at home on Sunday, but, man, we rocked it regardless and the people who showed up were amazing! I hope to be back in future years, perhaps with my show one day. I met some amazing performers and got to see some pretty fantastic shows while I was there (which is a rarity, I never get to watch shows at these festivals because I’m always so busy working).

Just a heads up to any Kingstonian reading my blog, I will be featuring one photo from the festival for “Picture of the Weekend” as a winner from this weekend, so do get your photos in soon! I already received a couple in the mail, and I will post the photo on Friday, so keep any eye out for that!

Next week, I’m heading off to Winnipeg to finish shooting a documentary project for Accountable Development Works and then it’s off to the Northlands Exhibition and then the Halifax Buskerfest! It’s a good time to be alive, I’ll tell ya!

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