Photo of the Weekend: July 18th

Sorry for the lateness in this week’s ‘Photo of the Weekend’!

I am currently in Winnipeg working on something slightly different, finishing up filming the last part of a project I began for Accountable Development Works in Sierra Leone. From Winnipeg, I will be embarking upon X-Canada Tour 2010!!, which will have me hitting up Edmonton and Halifax before returning to perform at Toronto Buskerfest.

After Brant and I had our little car incident, I decided to cancel the European portion of my tour; I was scheduled to hit up the Edinburgh Fringe and Ferrara Buskers in Italy, and well, this year, I’ve spent four out of the seven months out of the city, most of it out of the country. My personal life is starting to feel the drain. Traveling can be a psychological drain. Take it from me, kids: living out of a backpack is great and simple, but sometimes it can really take it’s toll. Plus, I kinda don’t want to lose my healtcare benefits. :p

Kingston Buskers Rendezvous. Photo by Hannah Zhang

So, onto “Photo of the Weekend” from Kingston Buskers Rendezvous. Man, I got a LOT of photos from you guys! Thanks so much! It was SO hard to pick one but I ended up cheating a little and going with a creative two-photo photograph by Hannah Zhang. Is there a name for this creative presentation of photographs?

Anywhoo, let’s all bask in the glory of Hannah’s lovely shot, and wish her congrats on making ‘Photo of the Weekend’!
As I’m currently on the road for the next month, check back often for more posts! After all, I can’t think of anything better to do  (other than juggling) in airports than sitting down to pen a post or two. Plus, with working buskerfests, you can guarantee there will be some more weird stuff I get in my hat!

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