Edmonton Capital Ex & Fun Times with Skype!

Hello from balmy Edmonton, everybody!

I’m having such a fabulous time here at the Capital Ex. The shows are going very well (I cracked my picture frame during one show earlier today, but MAN was that gag worth it!) and I’m having a really good time here! People seem to be digging my shows and I’m have a rocken time doing an act I seldom get to perform out in festivals like this, the Living Portrait.

Snappin' a quick shot before heading out to do my first Living Portrait show at the Capital Ex!

My gig aside, I would love to take this opportunity to extol the virtues of the invention of Skype. Holy crap, guys, I LOVE skype! Being on the road so much can make you lonely; often you get so disoriented and out of touch with the ones you love that even memories of them are as fleeting as that shisha smoke you happened to have just smoked. But with the magic of skype, it’s like you never left!

The other night,  juggler “skype party”, which I ended up carrying out with another set of friends after he went to bed. It was hilariously (or pathetically, depending upon your perspective) awesome!

Tonight, through the magic of skype, I fielded a really awesome interview with The Promoter Guy, Willy Badger, who will also be performing at Halifax International Buskerfest along with me. He even used the magic of technology to record said interview and now yes, you can hear the Mime speak!

Dear Conway, does my voice actually sound like that in real life? :O

So yes, to the creators of skype: this is my humble open letter to thank you for your awesomeness and genius. If it wasn’t for you, street performers around the world would all be a heckuva lot more isolated!

Oh, and FYI Edmonton: I totally just re-listened to my interview and I just realized I sounded depressed at my first mention of being in Edmonton.. I was actually trying to remember where I was, and that by no means reflects how I feel about your awesome city! So it goes when you live on the road… 😉

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