In Halifax!

Hey everyone! I arrived in Halifax!
Since I arrived a few days early to the festival, I took the opportunity to hang out with a very good friend I went to film school with in Toronto, who had moved out here last year. I think it’s nicely fitting that I’m chilling with a film school friend because while in Alberta, I took advantage of the ridiculously low taxes in that province and purchased myself a shiny new MacBook Pro, and splurged on the Adobe CS5 Production package which I’ve needed for a while, and tonight I sat and uploaded all of the video I shot in Sierra Leone. Watching this footage makes me very happy for two reasons: one, it’s nostalgic to look back and reflect upon something I experienced and to have a visual imprint of that experience. Two, I’m really REALLY pleased with how the footage and the sound quality turned out! I am SO eager to get cuttin’ on these two projects I need to finish for October. It’s going to be a LOT of fun. I’m hoping to have a short cut of the second piece I’m editing to be screened at one of the season’s first Lunacy Cabarets in Toronto, as the proceeds from ticket sales go towards funding Circus Without Borders projects like the one I participated in in Sierra Leone!

Madame Guillotine!

But, back to Halifax! Since I’ve had some time to kill before this festival starts, my friend and I took a walk down by the harbourfront and discovered an AWESOME old prop stocks set-up that was perfect for yet another shoot with Marie Antoinette. This is my favourite shot of the day, poor Marie doesn’t see it coming!

Looking forward to another wonderful day in Halifax before I officially check in and get started in the Buskerfest! Already the folks I’ve met have shared their enthusiasm for this festival, upon hearing that I’m a busker who came in for the show. I’m very stoked to be performing for this audience!

….I’m also stoked to attempt to eat seafood every single day I’m here. So far, I’m winning!


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