Photos of the Weekend: August 5th-15th!

So, I slipped quietly back to Toronto under the light of the silvery moon…okay, okay, I arrived home a few days ago by daylight, stumbling to the airport in a daze, having spent the previous evening wrapping up the Halifax Buskerfest! Wow! What can I say about Halifax?

Thank you so, so much to all the awesome and amazing fans in H-town! I met so many wonderful new people, worked with some amazing performers, and reconnected with old friends. I can’t thank that awesome costal town enough for it’s generous hospitality and unabated enthusiasm for buskers. Holy crap, I’ve been spoiled!

Marie Antoinette, Photo by: David Dumont, 2010.

Since I was marathon performing, I didn’t get a chance to post Photos of the Weekend from the two weekends I was in Halifax. So, I’ll do a double-whammy this evening, hope you all don’t mind. First up, for the weekend of August 5th, an AWESOME shot of Marie Antoinette in all of her flirty action. I absolutely love this action shot, which, I know is a bit weird for a living statue installation, but, what can I say?

Next up, is the photo of the Weekend from the final weekend of the festival, August 14-15th. This one was tough because I found a few AMAZING shots that weren’t technically emailed to me for the “Photo of the Weekend” feature, which means I am not going to post them, but, I did get some killer awesome submissions, so here is the best shot I found, which, coincidentally happens to be of my other character, Angelina!

Angelina in Halifax, Photo by Adam Cox, 2010.

I don’t know why but this shot totally makes me look like Isador Duncan or something. Hilarious!

Alright folks, and now for the upkeep stuff: the season is winding down, but it is set to go out with a bang: this upcoming weekend, it is Scotiabank Toronto Buskerfest! I was booked up last year and unable to perform, and since I had to bow out of the Ferrara Buskerfest in Italy this year, I squeaked into this year unexpectedly. If you are living in Toronto, please come down to the historic St. Lawrence Market from August 26-29th, to bear witness to some amazing street shows!

I will be performing two brand-new installations as well as bringing out some old favourites, including Marie Antoinette Eats Cake! Check my twitter feed for the guerilla show one day during the festival! It’s short and sweet and full of icing!
Talk to you soon, folks!

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