Photo of the Weekend: Toronto Buskerfest Edition!

Well, folks, it’s Labour Day Monday here in Canada, typically the last working weekend of my Harbourfront permit, the last official long-weekend of the summer. Usually, I look forward to Labour Day weekend; with the airshow going on I get the upper-hand against the big talky-talky shows and have a solid chance at wrapping up the season with a bang.

This year, however, it’s with a whimper. Sadly, the weather has not been compliant and I’m sitting in my studio with my feet up on my sewing machine, some coffee by my side, good ‘tunes on the playlist and finishing up construction on my sister’s wedding dress instead. Oh well!

Since the summer is waning and drawing to a close, this week’s “Picture of the Week” feature will likely be the last one of the season! I know, I know–don’t cry. I had a TOUGH time making a decision this week because of how many amazing photos came flooding into my inbox. One gentleman actually sent me forty different photos! FORTY!!

Angelina, by Kaiyan Paguyo. All Rights Reserved 2010.

However, a decision had to be made, and I ended up choosing this gorgeously coloured photos by Kaiyan Paguyo. Congrats Kaiyan! And thanks everyone else who submitted photos, I gotta say, the quality in shots I’ve received this year has gotten dramatically better than in years past. Are you all taking evening photography courses or something?!

Speaking of photography, I’m sketching out a GREAT “buskerfest etiquette” post for next week. While I was performing at Toronto Buskerfest, I wrote a series of tweets on my twitter account about what a good audience does at a buskerfest. The folks in the Social Media street team for Buskerfest loved my posts so much they re-tweeted them around! Thanks so much guys. So, please keep a look out for next week’s feature, an etiquette lesson!

Alright, guys, I’m getting back to my morning…er…afternoon coffee, and hunkering down to finish off this dress. Not as glamorous as life on the road and waking up in gutters, but, the payoff will be most excellent.

If you’re local to the Toronto-area, look for me at the Junction Arts Festival, and the Taste of the Kingsway next weekend! If you’re at Ryerson University, I will be doing shows as part of your Frosh Week street festival on Tuesday!

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