Kite Festival wrap-up!

Hi everyone!

Kite festivals are one of my favourite events to perform at; nothing compliments a still-moving performing artist than beautiful, soft and billowy kites floating calmly above in a brilliant blue sky. Especially when it’s set to opera! The folks at Act 3 International really know how to put on an exquisite show, complete with beautiful live music, candy-drops and hundreds of beautiful kites to behold! It was such an honour and a privilege to be a part of such an awesome tradition.

Kate Mior as Angelina

Photo by Paul Lim, 2010. All Rights Reserved

Photographer Paul Lim sent me this gorgeous image taken from the festival, which, unfortunately has no kites in the background, but still captures the feel of the event! My hats go off to all the amazing photographers at this event.
Last night I celebrated the end of the festival by sitting in a nice cafe on Arab st., eating Moroccan food and smoking shisha (I don’t smoke, but who doesn’t enjoy some bubblegum flavoured shisha every now and again?) and today, I’m hitting up the beach to unwind before I embark on the long journey home. People tell me I need to “get more sun” quite a lot when I’m performing, so, today I’m going to do just that! Ha! If anybody needs me, I’ll be parked by the water with a cold iced mint tea in hand in Sentosa! :p

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