The Season is Over (Long Live the Season)

When I arrived in from Singapore, I literally hit the ground running: the public shows season has ended, for the most part, and I will not be updating the ‘calendar’ publicly, which means, it will look like I have nothing booked. This is definitely not the case! I choose not to include my corporate bookings on the public listing due to a number of factors, but, mostly because the calendar is generally reserved to display the public events I will be performing at so y’all can come down.

There will be some sporadic public performances throughout the winter; I enjoy working out new material at the wonderful Lunacy Cabarets in Toronto and will most likely put in an appearance at Scotiabank Nuit Blanche performing in Mysterion’s All Night Variety Show at the Gladstone Hotel. Other than that, it’s back to the studio for me so I can build new material for next year.

My blog shall be updated throughout the winter, as well, with snippets of things I’m working on among other stuff, so, please check back as often as you did during the summer!

Have an excellent fall and winter, everyone!  And remember, for any and all performance-related inquiries, please feel free to email me via the contact page!


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    Kate, I was the lucky witness to the marriage proposal outside the AGO yesterday (who later tweeted about it)! You can’t possibly imagine how it made my day. It was beautiful, creative and fun. I’ve seen you around the city several times and am always blown away by your performance. Keep up the great work!



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    Hey Gwen!

    Thanks so much for your awesome words and for being a part of Chad and Melissa’s special day. Chad was such a sweetheart, keeping in close contact all week with his plans. Despite the odd political climate (thanks for ignoring my show yet AGAIN Rob Ford.. at least this time he had the good taste not to MARCH RIGHT THROUGH IT), I’m glad it was pulled off without–er, I mean, with a hitch! 😉

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