Winter Magic!

Hey everyone!  So I lied about public performances during the winter! Ha ha! Can’t trust us shifty buskers, can you?

Tomorrow, Saturday and Sunday I will be performing with some other talented folks from Zero Gravity Circus down at Yonge & Dundas as part of Winter Magic.  It will surely be magical!  I’ll be roving around Dundas Square between 12-2pm, doing a myriad of things. Tomorrow, I’ll be statuing. So, that means, I’ll likely be near my regular pitch, but instead of giving me change, you get pokie online a free show. So, it’s the same as usual except I’m getting paid. Fun stuff. Friday and Saturday I will be busting out some of my other characters that are generally not suitable for busking situations, so you’ll be able to see me do some other stuff.

I will be back November 21st and 22nd, and then, I’ll be off to Singapore again for an end-of-year tour before the holidays…

Keep warm! If you see me performing tomorrow, feel free to drop off a hot chocolate! 😉

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