Sentosa Buskerfest!

Hey everyone!

So I made it to Singapore and am having an AWESOME time at the Sentosa Buskerfest. The festival is in it’s first year and I am having such a blast performing for the wonderful crowds in Singapore for the third time this year.
Despite the fact that it’s rainy season and there is a typhoon happening in the Indian ocean, not too far from us, we’ve been lucky to have wonderful weather (with the exception of a couple of rain spots here and there) and wonderfully engaging crowds.

I love performing for Singaporeans. I find the folks here to be very similar in temperament to Canadians. My theory is perhaps because of our other similarities: we are both multicultural hubs, we both have the British influence, and we both have extreme weather to deal with (we get the cold, they get the hot)! So, it is such a delight to be back here.

For those of you in Singapore, please do come down to Sentosa Island to watch amazing world-class performers for free! I am located by Beach Station for two hours between 5:30-8:30 nightly!

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