Kuala Lumpur – KLIMS’10

Hey folks!

I have two more days left in Kuala Lumpur. It’s been a lot of fun here! So much so that I’ve been lax in updating the blog! I admit, however, that I’m starting to feel a little homesick from being on the road so much right before the holidays, so I was really delighted to have had an awesome dinner last night with two friends from my Ryerson film school days. We dined in a restaurant that is actually a furniture store and had a really good chance to catch up on things. It’s really neat to see friends from those early years later on and it’s really nice to share in successes and reminisce about how amazing it is to have achieved those goals we had set for ourselves way back when!

It was nice to have a bit of familiarity while on the road. Sometimes it can get so lonely out here, especially when you know there are people that you miss waiting for you to come home. Speaking of which, I am so looking forward to a special holiday this year and am *really* looking forward to experiencing some snow! Anyone else super stoked about the winter holidays?

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    Hi Kate, really enjoyed your performance during the recent KLIMS event. Great show indeed ..and hope you enjoy the coffee session with the organizers !

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