Dundas Buskerfest & Photo of the Weekend – June 4th

Hey everyone!

I had a *wonderful* time at the Dundas International Buskerfest this year. It’s always a pleasure to do shows close to home! I’ve spent so much time entertaining people all over the world over the last year or so that I have missed the very people who’s support has gotten me there in the first place. 🙂

My weekly update is a bit late, ’tis true. I’m very sorry for that. It’s been a whirlwind of work since the festival and I have totally hit the ground running. I had been dragging my heels with regards to busking prior to the weekend that has just passed, but, all it takes is one great festival to get one started! However, this morning, I’m having a lovely espresso on my awesome balcony patio, enjoying the beautiful morning before I pack my gear to head out to work, so, I figured it was time for an update!

This week I was fortunate enough to have the pleasure of hosing my dear friend James Jordan for a few days after we performed together in Dundas. One of my favourite parts of my job is connecting with old friends on the road. James and I met in China back in 2008, while performing at a clown festival in Nanjing. Aside from having an impressive moustache, James is an expert magician, MC and hat juggler. He taught me my very first hat juggling tricks, in fact! We had a great time hanging out, talking shop and busking together.

Speaking of busking, the season is now in full swing! This year, I’m making a concerted effort to take Coppelia out and show her around Toronto. Last night, I hit Queen W., the old pitch of my dear friend and roommate, Alexander Winfield, (made deservedly-famous by I had a GREAT time working on new material in such a friendly environment. I’ve always avoided working Queen street due to several factors, but, I think I fell in love with it last night. While I am not abandoning my beloved Yonge and Dundas pitch, you should definitely keep an eye out for me on the hip strip this year!

Photo of Angelina by Pierre Debeau

Speaking of busking and speaking of media…. it’s that time again: photo of the weekend!! Now, I was silently stalking and found some amazing photos..however, they were not sent directly to me, so I am unable to put them up since I don’t have expressed permission from the photographers. That said, however, a wonderful local photographer by the name of Pierre Dubeau who I have always seen around Y&D Square sent me a crazy cool shot he took the day I was actually shooting a commercial and *not* busking. Technically, it doesn’t fall under the rules and guidelines for Photo of the Weekend….but this is my website, so, I MAKE THE RULES!! AHAHAHAH!!!

Way to go, Pierre, for making the front page of!

So there you have it.  Dundas Buskerfest was awesome! Queen st. W is awesome! The season is upon us! AWESOME!!

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