Busking in Toronto – Photos of the Weekend, June 10th

Hey folks!

A short and sweet post for this week. I’ve been inspired to try new locations in Toronto to do shows – it’s been great trying out new acts in new places! Nothing is more fun than trying something new to change things up a bit. It also helps combat complacency. This weekend, however, marks my return to Harbourfront in Toronto and I’m super stoked about working my favourite pitch in the city again!

Nothing much to report for now except a photo for my weekly feature! This one comes all the way from Dave Mather, sent to me from the Dundas Buskerfest, which, yes, passed two weeks ago (already!!) but, the photo is so darn lovely, I wanted to post it.

You folks are so darn talented!

Summer has begun. And it looks like the weather is starting to get with the program, too! Awesome!

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    Thanks for your performance as the windup toy at BuskerFest in Toronto. I didn’t know about your other characters, but hope to see them the next time you swing by Toronto at the 2015 Buskerfest

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