Photo of the Weekend: Toronto Buskerfest!

Kate Mior as Coppelia the wind-up doll
Photo of Kate Mior: Brian Stahls 2011, All Rights Reserved

Hey folks! It’s been about a week since my last update; life’s been crazy! The season has wound down, I had a pretty darn awesome time hosting wonderful folks surrounding TO Buskers, like Dave and Gracie from Flame Oz, and Peter Rabbit,  and now that my house is empty again, I feel like the season truly is over! ….well, that and the autumnal chill in the air. What gives, Toronto?!
Since I’ve been quite busy playing host, I haven’t had a proper sit-down to post the winner of Photo of the Weekend for the Toronto Buskerfest edition. I had a wonderfultime this year, performing my brand new act for everyone. It was lovely to have such awesome support as I work on new material for my hometown crowd and I’m really stoked with the new bits I discovered with your help! This year, I gifted postcards with every $5 donation and they appeared to be quite an overwhelming success.Expect more postcards soon, with a variety to choose from!

Kate Mior as Coppelia

Kate Mior, the wind up doll, gets some help at Toronto Buskerfest 2011!

I received a LOT of photos and positive feedback from you, my awesome fans, and it was so hard to choose which photo to take the cake (so to speak!), so I cheated, and picked two photos. Because I CAN! First up, as you can see from the top of the page, is Brian Stahls’ awesome shot! Next up, is a shot from a gent who gave me a CD on the last day of the festival, but failed to give me his name! So, to the anonymous awesome person who provided this GREAT action shot: thank you!

It’s been such a fantastic journey with this new character and I’m excited about where she is going.

As for me, now? Well, I’m putting together my winter tour for this year, getting back into training, continuing to do shows while I can as the weather holds out, but, most importantly, I’m enjoying the beautiful autumnal weather by getting outside and on my bike around the city! Toronto is my very favourite place in the world and, call me biased, but I think it’s the prettiest in autumn. Before I head off out of the cold, chasing summer, I will take a moment to enjoy this amazing time of year where our local landscape really shines it’s brightest.  🙂

Talk soon, folks!

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