Post-Tour + Fangoria Interview

Hey everyone!

Long time no updates. I know, I know; this year I’ve been quite horrible with housekeeping while on tour. I’m sorry. On the plus side, it’s been absolutely wonderful chatting with some of you on my Facebook Fan Page, as I’ve come to rely on it during that nightmarish month when my website was down. It’s been a challenging summer for me; first the website, then battling inclement weather, throw in a life direction crisis here, fear of the unknown there (and a dash of fun…okay, a liberal and generous tablespoon of fun!) and you’ve pretty much summed up my entire tour experience.

I had a wonderful time reconnecting with *so* many wonderful performers. It’s neat to watch everyone grown and change year after year. It’s quite inspiring for me to push the envelope with my own work, too. One thing I learned to value on my tour this year are the good friendships we cultivate. Even when there are challenges to face, it helps to know we’re never facing them alone. It’s been a bit of a transition year for me: I love my art, I am proud of my work, but I have been experiencing growing pains this year and I know it’s time to take some risks to ensure that growth happens. I’m excited by what is in store, but also reticent to divulge too much about what I have planned. Suffice to say, this will be a very interesting winter, so definitely keep checking in on my blog entries and check back to the website for further developments.

Support from you guys means a lot to me. It truly does: if it wasn’t for my fans, I wouldn’t feel as excited as I do about what lies next. Knowing that I’m working in the right direction is the fuel I need to grow and become a better artist and entertainer and I am honoured that you are all on this journey with me.

Speaking of support: I have some fantastic news! If you are a fan of all things dark and macabre, then you simply MUST check out the special Hallowe’en edition of Fangoria! Guess who is featured in a wonderful interview on pages 70-71? That’s right: this lady! In issue #317, I had a sit down chat with editor-in-chief Chris Alexander regarding my work, influences and goals for the future. We run the gamut of conversational topics: everything from geeking out about films to my experience at Ryerson University as a student of animation. It is quite an honour to be included in such an esteemed publication and I am excited by having had the opportunity to reach an even broader audience, an audience I’ve always felt were “my people”.  Definitely pick up your issue, you don’t want to miss out on any of it!
And on that note, I’m off to spruce up my website and work on some new material. Have a great evening, everybody!

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