Winter Tour!

Hey everyone! 
I’m back from New Zealand! It was amazing! I’ve been back for about two weeks, but have been holed up in my studio sewing like crazy for my upcoming runway show for Fashion Thursdays, as part of Canada’s Beauty Network. For those of you who are unaware, my hobby is making reproduction and modern-fit corsets! It’s been an off-again-on-again passion of mine and this year I decided to have my very first runway show! It’s pretty exciting to have something that’s always been a hobby come to fruition like this!

But, onto other things! New Zealand! 
First off, I want to thank the amazing organizers and team for their incredible event. Considering how Christchurch is still recovering from that devastating earthquake from two years ago, I am amazed at how everyone has rallied together to not only keep on moving forward, but moving forward so brilliantly! From the Re:Start! mall comprised entirely out of shipping containers to the innovative new architecture and green space planning, I am in utter awe of the fierce determination and unwavering positivity of Christchurch. 

As for the Worlds Buskers Festival… well. Wow. What can I say? It is 10-day tour de force of easily the best street theatre in the world, and I was very lucky to not only be a part of it, but, to be featured on their 20th anniversary poster! During the festival, a few performers noticed a giant billboard in the Red Zone and we took a trip out to check it out!

In terms of creativity and work… well, I had the opportunity to work on my new show while in New Zealand and it was QUITE the learning curve. I’m very excited about the direction my work is going in and once again I am so grateful to be in an industry full of creatively inspiring people who are not only brilliant, but, also so incredibly giving and helpful. From the innovative Le Tigre Bleu Tent, where a piano was rustled up for me to play (Marie Antoinette playing ragtime, anyone??), to the kids’ shows, I had such an amazing opportunity to work on material that my audiences otherwise may not be exposed to! I am excited to amp things up and include other skills into my acts, to create new work that’s exciting and fun and to explore my characters further this year!

As for now… well it’s back to sewing and developing. And, of course, celebrating my birthday on the weekend. It’s one of those milestone birthdays that has given me pause to stop and reflect upon my accomplishments/my goals for the future and suffice to say, I’m pretty stoked about where I’m at! And soon enough the snow will be off the ground and I’ll be hitting the streets of Toronto with my new material, which has me more stoked than anything else (including birthday cake)!

See you guys soon!

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