European Tour!

Salut, Peasants! 

How have you been in the last month and a half? Things have been absolutely wonderful, amazing and insane over on my end. Europe was fantastic as always; I worked some amazingly curated festivals that blew my mind and changed the way I see street theatre. I built the bones for a lovely artistic show with Coppelia that I am looking forward to building upon, I performed in one of the oldest cities in Europe, competed in the World Street Performance Championships in Ireland, experienced fireworks in the Austrian alps while drinking schnapps, and met a lot of new friends (and reconnected with a lot of old friends, too!) before flying back to Canada to tour Ottawa and Calgary festivals. 

Every time I travel to Europe I notice a very distinctive difference between what audiences want over there versus what audiences want over here in Canada. Both are wonderful things and both experiences are great to have, and every time I do a tour like this I am more confident in my personal style and approach to creating street theatre that is accessible to *everyone*. I am truly grateful for these kinds of informing experiences. Learning experiences are always the best kind of experiences to have in life (and really, every experience should be a learning experience, don’t you think?)

Out of this trip has come exciting developments, as well. I am pleased to announce that I will be focusing my energy on a new chapter of street performing and I hope you will like what I create with it. Next year will be a brand-new year with new things and new street shows. I am excited to bring what I’ve experienced in Europe into Canada and create a show unlike anything you’ve ever seen up until this point. I am not saying much until my new reel is cut, but there will be danger, there will be fire and there will be LOTS of visual comedy.  (And for those of you who were in Ottawa this year to get a taste of my new show, thanks for that!)

I am seriously looking forward to the autumn when I can get down to work on the new material for you all! 

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