RoboBride 9000

Presented as a 1950s product demonstration, Coppelia poses as the perfect mail-order bride on special offer by the Whizbang Domestic Robotics Company! Watch her fumble through servitude in an effort to be taken home by your family today!

I Wanna Know What Love Is

Coppelia has been learning about love from under the counter magazines and now she has developed unrealistic expectations! Will she find the perfect man? Or robot? Or….other?

photo by: Fee Gunn

Bluebird of Unhapiness

Kate’s twist on a classical pierrot act, a sad mime decides it’s time to let it all go. Unfortunately, she bungles her way to comedic hilarity instead of an unfortunate end.

photo by: Andrew Miller


Welcome to Kate Awesome Karaoke. Blending physical comedy, enthusiastic vocal contortions and hilarious character work, Kate transforms into Cher to deliver a raucous version of “If I Could Turn Back Time” complete with sparklers, audience participation and surprising verbal wit (for a mime!).