Coppelia, the wind-up Doll

Part mime theatre, part living statue, Coppelia is a music box dancer on the fritz! Jam-packed with personality and incredibly doll-like movement she charms hearts across the globe.

Marie Antoinette

She travels the globe charming the hearts and wallets from audiences with her sharp wit, graceful movement and absurd comedy. Just don’t expect her to speak French: she was born in Austria. (Plus, she’s a mime)

The Living Portrait

One of Kate’s signature acts, a portrait escapes from the art gallery and engages audiences with her elastic face and inimitable balancing acts. Look for her at your next corporate event!


Every mime artist has an angel in their repertoire, but what happens when the angel is suffering from an existential crisis? Angelina elevates streets and festivals with her twinkling lights and classical poses.